Technology Fit for Franchisees


With technology advancing at a rate of knots, staying on top of the game as a franchisor is vital to the company’s success. More and more franchisors have started looking into investing money into the development of bespoke systems which can help boost franchisees’ productivity and earnings, however when it comes the nitty gritty of putting those systems in place and improving them, most of them fail to do one important thing: involve the franchisees in the process.

Outsourcing tech development is necessary in many cases but ultimately any changes and upgrades need to be come from within the company in order to make sure that the systems in place are fit for purpose and will actually help franchisees run and grow their businesses.

Here at Cleanhome we didn’t simply want to purchase off-the-shelf solutions which  is why we developed GENESYS, our own bespoke system which manages the admin side of the business including invoicing, customer management and scheduling. The best measurement of how efficient the system is has been our franchisees’ feedback and suggestions. As well as regularly asking for feedback, we have an open door policy to ensure there is an ongoing dialogue between the head office and the franchisees to ensure any upgrades or changes made meet their business needs.

There are tech development businesses which are skilled in creating solutions for businesses and offering useful insight but to ensure they are able to fulfil the brief, franchisors need to keep their ear to the ground and stay tuned in to what the franchisees need. Meeting with the team and discussing any changes or setting time aside during training days has been a particularly useful exercise for us. Our franchisees come from all walks of life and don’t all necessarily have any tech knowledge but brainstorming ideas has led us to make changes to put us ahead of the competition, reflect current market conditions and free up valuable time for them.

It takes a tremendous amount of work and perseverance to include franchisees in the development process but the great thing about franchising is that you are part of a bigger network and by actively participating in it, you could be the one who comes up with the next big thing!


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