Adam and Andrea Explain Why They Chose Cleanhome, and How Their Decision Has Changed Their Lives.


Through its network of 30+ entrepreneurial  franchisees, Cleanhome supplies households across the UK with professional cleaners.

Read the success story from Adam & Andrea, (Cleanhome St Albans) who share what they enjoy most about running a Cleanhome business.

Adam & Andrea Marshall – Cleanhome St Albans

Did you have any experience of running your own business before joining Cleanhome?

Adam – “I have always been employed in the corporate world, but have been interested in starting my own business for a number of years.”

Andrea – “Yes, I run a very successful business within the wedding sector.”

Why did you choose domestic cleaning as a business?

We visited a number of franchise exhibitions and looked at many different franchise sectors.  We narrowed our search down to 3 sectors; cleaning, care and education.

We finally chose a business management franchise in domestic cleaning for a number of reasons: –

  1. Adam – “I spent a number of years working for a cleaning and catering company and felt confident and familiar with the market.”
  2. We noticed that one of the most frequently asked questions on social media, is “I need a cleaner.” There appeared to be a considerable demand for cleaners in our area.
  3. The model is recession proof and this was a big factor for us. We considered that people will always need and want cleaners.

What made you choose Cleanhome over other franchise opportunities?

We didn’t have thousands of pounds to invest and we could see that Cleanhome was offering a huge earning potential from a small, low risk investment.

We also required a business model that would be easy and quick to set-up.  Providing us with an excellent work/life balance whilst being financially rewarded by the effort we would put in.  We needed to ensure that we would secure a good profit quickly.

We built the business from £0 to £73k in only 12 months, of which over £65k was profit, a growth that even we didn’t expect.

We felt that the software management system (GENESYS) would make the daily running of the business stress free, it would allow us to scale the business quickly without getting pulled into time draining administration.

How did you find the setting up process?

Extremely straightforward, Karen was hugely responsive and for that reason we were set-up and ready to go within 1 month.  However it is important to note that we were keen to start trading ASAP, there is absolutely no pressure from head office, and you can set-up at your own pace.

What kind of support should potential business partners expect from the head office?

The management team supports us on the phone by giving advice, empathy, understanding and congratulations.  The team has so much experience to draw from and is happy to help us succeed, which is appreciated.

What’s a typical day like?

8am – We drop our son at school

8:30am – We start work on things left over from the previous day, and pick up any new messages.

9:30am – 1st appointment of the day

Adam then meets with clients and cleaners throughout the day.

Andrea is in our home office running social media marketing campaigns, calling cleaners, advertising for cleaners.

3pm We finish the day together, reviewing what we’ve both worked on individually and what actions are outstanding and need to be completed the following day.

4pm Finish with the school run and family time.

What do you enjoy most about running your own business?

The change to our life has been massively positive.  Adam is now his own boss and doesn’t answer to anyone.  We both enjoy being the ultimate decision makers in our own life.  We cannot stress how absolutely brilliant the decision to sign with Cleanhome was.  Time is now our time, we choose when and how often we want to work.

It was a scary decision for us both to be self-employed but we were determined.  We have grown the business quicker than even we anticipated.  Although we have put in the hours and we’re working hard, we understand that putting in the effort now will reap the rewards later.

We absolutely love it and wouldn’t change it for the world!




Here at Cleanhome we understand that business partners (franchisees) become successful with hard work, determination and by being excellent communicators.  However they also require excellent training and support to enable them to launch and grow their business successfully.

To that end, Cleanhome provides a thorough training programme alongside all the required marketing materials and ancillary services to every business partner regardless of their background.  Our training prepares each partner for the realities of running their own business, allowing them to thrive.

Prior to the launch of our partners new company, we are sometimes asked “can your training really teach me how to run my own business?”  The answer to the question is, yes it can, and here’s why: –

  • Cleanhome’s award winning training programme is recognised for its inspirational and unique approach.
  • The robust training builds our partner’s sales and recruitment knowledge base and will teach each partner how to run a successful business. It will give them the confidence to sign up clients and cleaners from day one.
  • Cleanhome provides each partner with a tried and tested business model of proven success, to help them develop their business to suit their specific needs and circumstances.
  • It doesn’t end there. Our highly experienced management team empower our business partners to be the best they can be through ongoing training and support.

Many of our franchisees have never run a business before, and so we believe it’s important that they understand the ‘back end’ of the business, including all the necessary legal and finance obligations, enabling them to feel confident in their dealings with both clients and cleaners.

We also offer participative development programmes including role-playing exercises which help partners with their confidence, and there’s an opportunity to shadow an experienced partner so that they can see first-hand how to deal with existing and potential clients.

In addition to the training package, we also believe in the importance of offering our business partners continuous support whilst growing their business.  All they need to do is pick up the phone.

Cleanhome is proud of the training and support we offer, because it is recognised as one of the best course packages within the franchise market.

We thought it might be worthwhile sharing some feedback on the training from a selection of some of our recent partners:

“Really enjoyed my 2 days training, so informative.  Lots to learn, but loving it.  Thanks Karen top draw!” John Polston, Cleanhome Wokingham

“Karen is fantastic at training and building confidence.  I had a very informative and fulfilling 2 days.” Christina Smith, Cleanhome Ashford

“I feel much more confident in the running of Cleanhome Weybridge. Karen has covered all my concerns on how to handle situations. I thoroughly enjoyed the course. Karen was brilliant!!” Julia Harrold, Cleanhome Weybridge

“Excellent delivery and explanation of the entire process as a new franchisee. Great.” Neil Cartwright, Cleanhome Stockport

“ The course was well paced and presented.  It was interactive with questions raised and answered throughout.”  Catherine Johnson, Cleanhome Haywards Heath

“I enjoyed the course and feel that I am now equipped to go out and start running the business.”  Mark Underhill, Cleanhome Sutton Coldfield

We look forward to running our next training sessions very soon!