Connecting with your franchisees


Ongoing support and training are two of the main reasons that people choose to invest into a franchise operation, such as our own domestic cleaning franchise, which is why franchisors should be focused on building strong relationships with their franchisees and communicate with them regularly through a range of platforms.

In today’s business world video meetings, emails and teleconferences are commonplace, however, it can be too tempting for franchisors to rely on online methods of communication and overlook the value of personal interaction. Despite the clear advantages in terms of efficiency, saving money and convenience, phone and email communication may not have the same impact that a face-to-face meeting will.

We recently held our first cleaning franchise training meeting for 2017 and it was great being able to share the most recent network developments with our cleaning franchisees but also to interact with them on a personal level and drive collaboration within the network.  It was also a great way to welcome our newest franchisees, who have only just launched their cleaning businesses, to the Cleanhome family.

Here’s just some of the feedback we received from our franchisees about the meeting:

“Really good meeting and exciting things ahead!” – Roger Johnson, Cleanhome Haywards Heath

“Just wanted to say thanks for a great day, very motivational and appreciated.”- Sean Ghouse, Cleanhome Beckenham and Bromley

“We would just like to thank you both for the training day. We are both so pleased that we teamed up with some forward thinking people. We truly love being part of the Cleanhome network” – Phil and Sharon Bradley, Cleanhome York

Meeting face-to-face can be challenging for franchise networks as franchisees are usually spread across the country but the benefits are definitely worth the effort. Meeting people in person can help to build trust and a sense of a shared mission, both of which are critical elements to a successful franchise network.