We’re going paperless


Here at Cleanhome we always want to make sure that our franchisees get the most out of the business model as we are constantly looking for ways to improve it in order to meet their needs. Our franchisees are out and about a lot and we think it’s important to find ways for them to have access to data and complete business transactions effortlessly and without having to worry about paperwork. This is the main reason behind our decision to start developing a system that will enable them to go paper free when it comes to business agreements and payment systems with clients.

Going paperless is a great way to further enhance the flexibility of a mobile business. With the use of our cloud-based system Genesys, our franchisees are able to keep track of their business from wherever they are, so enabling them to create all the documents and access all the data they need when they are away from their office is a massive benefit to their day-to-day operations.

Apart from the flexibility going paperless brings to the table, it can also improve the overall efficiency of the business when you take into account the time used for filing, storing and retrieving business documents and reduce stationary costs. Furthermore, there is no need to increase the physical space of the business as it grows and more clients come on board. You can also avoid information overload by setting expiry dates for documents. Most business owners, especially of smaller businesses, end up with a lot of paper as they get busy with the day-to-day running and neglect discarding old documents they no longer need. The security of that data is also improved as you can choose who has access to the digital copies.

Another major benefit of a paperless office is that it helps businesses offer a more responsive and comprehensive service to its clients ensuring nothing is lost in the filing mayhem and all the information is up to date. Digital documents are harder to lose and can be easily tracked down even when saved in the wrong place. Everything can be backed-up and updated on a regular basis without having to worry about anything being misplaced or having to go through endless filing folders.

Switching a business to paper-free may seem daunting at first as but it can make a huge difference in the long-term. It’s not an overnight process and businesses need to understand how they can make the most of it in a way that it’s both realistic and achievable. Our main goal for the next few months will be to develop a system that will allow our franchisees to run their businesses more efficiently and provide a better service to their customers. We will be sharing more updates over the next few months!