What you should expect from a training programme as a new franchisee


You don’t need any experience to run a successful franchise; you just need the right attitude! Franchising is an excellent route to becoming a successful business owner. You will own your own business but with operational support from the franchisor there’s a much lower risk of failure.

If you are currently looking to join a franchise then you need to research what their training programme offers. Having won the East of England Small Business Award – in recognition of the Training and Development of our Cleanhome franchisees, we know that a good training programme is an essential part of learning and developing as a franchisee. Below are some key elements your franchisor should be focusing on.


A strategy is an essential part of the franchise training programme. To begin with, your franchisor will help you with a business plan when you start-up as a franchisee. Additionally, they will help you with setting goals and objectives for your franchise, which will help you to measure your results more effectively in order to grow your business.


Compliance is key when you own a franchise. As part of the ongoing training, your franchisor should explain how the back end of the business works. Apart from the sales, you need to understand the legal side such as privacy and contracts. Your franchisor must give you information on running a business legally according to regulations.

Technology systems

A franchisee training programme will include the franchise’s latest technology and systems and how you can make the most of them. The franchisor should train you to use their systems properly in order to succeed in your business. Over the years we have constantly updated and developed our internal Genesys software in order to give our franchisees maximum support and ensure they are updated with any changes.

Building confidence

Confidence is key when you are your own boss. A franchise training programme will teach you how to feel comfortable and confident in all aspects of running your business. Offering participative development as part of your training including role-playing exercises and offering franchisees the opportunity to shadow an experienced franchisee are great ways to build your knowledge and experience.

Always remember that your franchisors are there to support you along your journey, you just need the right attitude!