Why you shouldn’t fear change


Every market sector, regardless of its nature, experiences changes in its environment and if in today’s fast-paced business world companies can’t keep up with changing demands, their ability to grow will suffer.

And while these should always be at the heart of the business, franchisors need to overcome their fear of the unknown and constantly take steps towards developing innovations which will increase business efficiency.

We recently implemented a few changes to our systems which have already made the day to day running of the business easier for our franchisees and we are constantly looking for ways to innovate.

Here are our top tips to combat the fear of change:


Before setting out to do anything, it’s important to understand where the fear of change stems from. Change can feel scary but what’s the basis of your fear? Is it because you are not 100% sure that the time is right? Is it because you don’t know if you have enough resources? Identifying the root of your fear can be a great place to start as it will help you deal with any obstacles you need to overcome.


Whatever the change you’re looking to make, ensure that you speak to your franchisees and team first and find out what their opinions are. In our meetings we always go through any suggestions for improvements and take our franchisees’ feedback on board. By communicating your plans for change, you can alleviate any fears you may have or come up with new ways to approach the change you plan to make. Another important thing is getting the ‘early adopters’ to talk about how easy and effective they have found the changes – as well as share any tips they may have – to encourage the ones who haven’t used the new system yet.


Often in business, big changes are made by management without proper consultation with the staff. Franchisors should be doing it differently when it comes to change. Franchisees are responsible for their own businesses so they should be involved in every step of any planned changes. Involving them in the decision-making process will ensure that you’re on the right track and will also make them more receptive to change.


Once you’ve implemented changes, make sure you’re there to support your franchisees and answer any questions they may have. Make sure everyone understands the new systems and processes and coach them along the way. Change will only yield positive results if everyone feels supported on an ongoing basis.

Fear of change is understandable but if you and your team of franchisees are prepared for it, you should be able to expand and innovate to ensure the long term success of the business.