Is summertime the best time to rethink your career?


Traditionally, December is the point in the year when we begin to reflect and re-imagine our goals for the year ahead however the pressure of the ‘New Year, New You’ can add unnecessary pressure to your decision making when it comes to your career. With summer season in full swing, now is a good time to look back at the last six months and think about how things have gone so far this year and weigh up whether it’s time to move in a new direction.

Here are four signs it may be time to rethink your future and some practical tips for how to go about making a change.

Don’t make a habit of it

You do your job because that is what you do every day but you don’t necessarily take steps to progress or make changes that will improve your working life. Take some time, go for a walk, get away from all distractions, and reflect on the goals and dreams you had when you started out in your job. Can you see them taking shape? Do these aspirations still hold the same meaning for you? If they do and you think you can make them happens in your current career path, plan your next step to change things. If not, maybe it’s time to take a step back. This may sound daunting but people change roles and career direction all the time. Consider what you want your life to look like in the future and work towards that.

Your energy levels are low

Everyone has the occasional off day, but if you’re finding work draining and it no longer energises and excites you then you need to have a think how you can change it. Sure you can be tired from being busy, but when you’re enjoying what you do you also feel a buzz of satisfaction for accomplishing your tasks. What takes the fun out of your day-to-day routine? It could be politics, the nature of your tasks or just a personal change. If you have tried to change this in the past and haven’t managed to, it might time to think about moving on and focusing on finding a job that gives you a buzz even during super busy times.

You’re not progressing

Progress means different things to different people; it can include a pay rise, a better role, flexible working hours and many other things. However, if you look back and realise that you have been going around in circles without any sense of real development in an area that is important to you then you need to consider what the rest of the year could look like and whether a change in career would help you move forward.

You are craving to become your own boss

Once you have started thinking of being responsible for your career path by becoming your own boss, it’s difficult to re-imagine yourself as someone’s employee. First, define what kind of business ownership would work for you. Many of our franchisees invested in our network as they wanted to become their bosses while having ongoing support and a tried and tested business model. Would you be comfortable launching a business without any previous experience and without guaranteed support from a network that can share best practice? You then need to decide on the industry you see yourself in and how would it support your aspirations.

And always remember, no matter which avenue you choose, be intentional and proactive about building your future career.