Making Business Success Accessible


The continuing growth of the franchise sector makes franchising an appealing option for many would-be business owners and even though starting your own business is a big leap into the unknown, investing into a franchise can be one of the safest routes into entrepreneurship.

In order to support and encourage aspiring entrepreneurs to take the first step into business ownership, we have just launched our Cleanhome Lite offering which is £7,995 plus VAT, a discount of over 20%. Franchisees will benefit from our high-quality, comprehensive training, the same insurance cover and they will have access to our bespoke cloud-based operating system GENESYS and our Google starter campaign, however the initial Royal Mail distribution is not included in the package.

We’ve developed this offering to help people realise their business dreams by providing them with all the tools they need to make a success of their business. We will also support them and offer advice on an ongoing basis to encourage them to promote their business and raise awareness in their local area through a variety of alternative channels.

For more information about our franchise investments and rewards you can visit:


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