Make sure your business runs like clockwork while you’re on holiday


When you’re running your own business it’s easy to feel that there’s never a good time to take time off but forgoing holidays can actually harm your business in the long-term. Downtime is crucial for your personal life – after all, running a business is about being in control of your life – but also to give you time out to recharge your batteries and return energised and refreshed.

Most of our franchisees decided to start their own business to achieve a better work life balance so we encourage them to take regular time off. With proper planning, your business can still run like clockwork.

 Plan your holiday dates

Start preparing for your time away by breaking down your daily, monthly and weekly tasks and identify what needs to be done and when. Of course not every month is the same but it will be useful to create a list of tasks that need to be completed on a regular basis such as payroll, distributing email marketing campaigns or client reports. Planning properly means that you can delegate tasks to make sure everything is running smoothly in your absence.

Trouble shooting

You should already have procedures in place to ensure that if any issues arise your staff knows how to cope and this also includes identifying any problems before you go and ensuring staff know how to deal with them. Clearly setting out the circumstances when calling your mobile is appropriate will put your mind at rest when you don’t have communication with work.  Many of our franchisees have reciprocal agreements to keep an eye on each other’s business in each other’s absence which can be done easily through our cloud-based operational system.

Good communication with customers is essential if they are to believe that they are important to you.

Spread the word

Last but not least, letting people know that you’ll be away, from your bookkeeper to your office cleaner, is really important. Most of us get caught up in the day-to-day running of the business and forget to let people know about any upcoming holidays. Inform everyone a few weeks in advance so they have the time to think if they need anything from you before you go away. This way you won’t be contacted with any last-minute urgent queries before setting off!

Plan your digital detox wisely

Thanks to modern technology most of us are only a few clicks away from our workplace which can be great at times but it also means the temptation to check work emails or calls is even bigger. Keep your phone on, but resist checking your emails, before you know it you’ll be responding to enquiries and you might as well be back in the office. Proper planning before you go means that you can relax and enjoy your holiday.