Cleanhome franchisees can earn £80k annual profit within 2 years!


In our article below you can find out what training and support you can expect from Cleanhome in order to be successful in growing your business.

Also, watch our video interviewing Adam and Andrea, the team who earned an £80k annual profit within 2 years.

Information on Cleanhome’s training and on-going support programme

Many of our business partners have never run a business before so we believe it’s important that they fully understand the entire business model prior to their first day of trading.

Our award-winning training builds sales and recruitment knowledge and teaches our new business partners how to run a successful company.  It offers participative development programmes including role-playing exercises which provide business partners with confidence to sign up clients and cleaners from day one.

In addition, our highly experienced management team offer our business partners continuous training and support whilst growing their business.

Karen Kelly founder of Cleanhome shares her thoughts on Cleanhome’s training days: –

“We run our training days twice a year.  Our business partners travel down to join a one-day meeting.  It is a chance for our partners to listen to anything that may have changed in the industry, to review best practices and to hear about any technology advancements.

It is also a fantastic opportunity for each business owner to come together and share ideas, seeing that they are part of a much bigger network and understanding that there is a wealth of experience and knowledge within the Cleanhome network.”

Introducing the record-breaking Adam and Andrea of Cleanhome, St Albans.  They have proven that anything is possible with hard work and determination.

Adam and Andrea from Cleanhome St Albans joined the team in 2020 during the COVID pandemic, and yet through their tenacity they have earned their place as Cleanhome’s fastest growing business partner to date.

We caught up with Adam and Andrea during the most recent training day, where they were awarded with no less than 3 awards: the 200 club and 300 club award (indicating how many clients they have onboard) and the fastest growing franchise award in recognition of their phenomenal growth achievement.

Watch and listen to Adam and Andrea talk about their Cleanhome journey by clicking here.


Why choose Cleanhome?


Nicola & Laurie (Cleanhome East Cambridge) explain.

“If you’re looking for a new challenge, would like to be your own boss and have the opportunity to generate a £70,000 to £80,000 annual profit within 2 years – as we did, then Cleanhome is the business management franchise for you.”

Nicola and Laurie have been Cleanhome franchisees for over 8 years and are keen to share their experience.

As Nicola and Laurie alluded to in their video, there are many pros to starting your own franchise business.  See our top 7 reasons listed below:

  1. Brand awareness – The Cleanhome brand is recognised and trusted, allowing you to establish your business faster within your area.
  2. Tried and tested business model – Cleanhome is a proven business model, it just works.  You won’t need to spend, time, effort and resource on trial and error that often comes with starting a business from scratch.
  3. Access to a proven system – Cleanhome’s management software system GENESYS will enable you to manage every element of your business quickly and easily.  Allowing you to scale your business quickly with minimal time spent on administration.
  4. Tap into instant expertise –  With over 30 years of experience Cleanhome’s leadership team will provide full training, and are there to support you every step of the way.
  5. More cost effective – It is more cost effective to purchase a business which can hit the ground running, rather than starting a business from scratch.
  6. Easier to obtain financing – Banks are more likely to financially support a start-up business from a franchise with a good reputation and proven business model.
  7. You are your own boss – You can work when, and where you like.  Our management software system allows you to work from anywhere in the world.  Equally you can work your own hours enhancing your work/life balance.

If you’d like to find out more about how to join our team of franchise business partners then we’d love to hear from you.  

Email us for a copy of our prospectus

Cleanhome Triumphs at the SME News UK Enterprise Awards


Cleanhome Ltd is delighted to announce its success at the 6th annual UK Enterprise Awards 2022, hosted by SME-News.

The company picked up 2 awards:

Most Innovative B2C Franchise 2022

Business Growth Excellence Award 2022

Both of these awards celebrate a business that is dedicated to supporting its franchisees and in turn its end customers.  It also recognises Cleanhome’s success in making improvements in their current cloud-based business systems in order to streamline their franchisee’s day to day working life.  Whilst also continually investing in new technology to incorporate within their business model.

The SME News Enterprise Awards were established in 2017 and honour the leading SME’s across the UK.  This year, the focus has been on how during unprecedented hardship and uncertainty, UK business owners have demonstrated the upmost dedication and innovation in the ways that they have not only adapted but weathered the COVID-19 storm to ensure the survival of their businesses.

On awarding Cleanhome, SME News commented “It goes without saying that this is a fantastic achievement for Cleanhome Limited and a true marker of the hard work and commitment invested day to day.”

“We are absolutely delighted to win these awards,” said Karen Kelly, founder of Cleanhome.” 

Karen adds “Cleanhome has had a challenging year, as have many of us, but we have successfully bounced back and to have this effort officially recognised is extremely rewarding for the whole team. These are exciting times for Cleanhome, and this award serves as confirmation of our status as one of the leading domestic cleaning business franchises in the UK.”


About Cleanhome:

Cleanhome is a leading domestic cleaning business franchise in the UK.  The brand is well established, and the business model is proven. The business was founded in 2007, and its leadership team has over 30 years of experience in the management of domestic cleaning businesses.


Warwick Payne talks about his first year as a Cleanhome franchisee.


Warwick Payne opened Cleanhome Milton Keynes 12 months ago, he joined the franchise team with over 30 year of sales experience.

Now 1 year on, we thought we’d ask Warwick about his experience so far, and whether he has any tips to share.

Taking you back 12 months, can you tell us why you chose to start a franchise business, and why you felt Cleanhome was right for you?

I always wanted to own my own business but I had never been in the position to actually do so.  I thought franchising would be less risky than starting my own thing from scratch.

I considered a number of other franchise businesses, but I felt that the Cleanhome business management opportunity was well suited to my skills, I am very much a people person, I enjoy selling to people and in the process understanding their requirements.  I can also adjust my conversation to sell to either a client or a cleaner.

Milton Keynes is one of the fastest growing cities in the UK, I could see a big demand for cleaners, and could see the potential for a successful Cleanhome business.

How would you describe the initial training and set-up process, and on-going support?

The set-up was very easy, and I cannot fault it.  Karen is there every step of the way, she has my full respect, she got me across the line very quickly.  There is also a great support network in place from other franchisees.

In terms of ongoing support, I feel I have the full backing and support from Karen, I can phone her at any time.  The management team want you to succeed.

What were your first-year goals?

When I started trading I wrote a three year business plan, primarily focussed on growth: number of clients, turnover and profit.

I revisited the numbers recently and I’m 100% on track against all 3 growth objectives.  I am happy to say that I am where I want to be.

How are you adapting to the new lifestyle and work / life balance?

Honestly there hasn’t been much of a difference to previous jobs I’ve worked in, although I am pleased to say that I have cut out all weekend work.

I do recognise that this is my first year and I have been working hard to grow the business, I have seen from other businesses in the franchise network that the work/life balance improves in years 2 and 3.

How long did it take to learn the franchise model inside out?

I think it probably took 3 months to be completely happy, primary because I wanted to tailor the scripts to how I would introduce the business to prospective clients and cleaners.

Even now I’m learning though, different situations arise all the time, however I certainly relaxed into a routine after 3 months.

Was it straightforward to maintain a positive cashflow?

Within my first year of trading I controlled my overheads so cashflow has been very manageable.  Now into year 2 I will increase my marketing spend to secure the businesses growth curve, however I do not anticipate any problem with cashflow.

Did you find it easy to build relationships with clients and cleaners?

Absolutely, I consider this to be my forte.  I can talk with both clients and cleaners with ease, and I believe these relationships will help the business to grow at a rapid rate.

Were there any big challenges to overcome in year one?

With more clients came more queries and this could be daunting.  Although I quickly gained the confidence in dealing with anything out of the ordinary.

What would you say to anyone who wants to join the Cleanhome franchise team?

I would say that the Cleanhome prospectus all sounds too good to be true: the profit, the opportunity, the work/life balance and the back office systems.  I can tell you it is all true, it’s all there for the taking, and you can make a success of it.

As with anything there are good days and bad days within your first year, but if you are determined and you believe in yourself you will build an excellent business.  The huge benefit is that once the business gets to a certain size it almost runs itself.

What do you enjoy most about running your own business?

I enjoy the whole process.  It is me who onboards the client and then matches them to a fantastic cleaner, it’s a huge sense of achievement to follow the process through from start to finish.  Subsequently when the client stays with you throughout the year, it gives you a real buzz.  The whole process gives you the drive to onboard more and more clients.  I absolutely love it.

About Cleanhome:

Cleanhome is a top leading domestic cleaning business franchises in the UK.  The brand is well established, and the business model is proven. The business was founded in 2007, and its leadership team has over 30 years of experience in the management of domestic cleaning businesses.



The Cleanhome Success Network

Through its network of 30+ entrepreneurial  franchisees, Cleanhome manages the supply of professional cleaners to households across the UK.

Read the success stories from a number of business partners who share what they enjoy the most about running a Cleanhome business


Adam & Andrea Marshall – Cleanhome St Albans

What made you choose Cleanhome over other franchise opportunities?

We didn’t have thousands of pounds to invest and we could see that Cleanhome was offering a huge earning potential from a small, low risk investment. 

We also required a business model that would be easy and quick to set-up.  Providing us with an excellent work/life balance whilst being financially rewarded by the effort we would put in.  We needed to ensure that we would secure a good profit quickly. 

We built the business from £0 to £73k in only 12 months, of which over £65k was profit, a growth that even we didn’t expect.

How did you find the setting up process?

Extremely straightforward, Karen was hugely responsive and for that reason we were set-up and ready to go within 1 month.  However it is important to note that we were keen to start trading ASAP, there is absolutely no pressure from head office, and you can set-up at your own pace.

What do you enjoy most about running your own business?

The change to our life has been massively positive.  Adam is now his own boss and doesn’t answer to anyone.  We both enjoy being the ultimate decision makers in our own life.  We cannot stress how absolutely brilliant the decision to sign with Cleanhome was.  Time is now our time, we choose when and how often we want to work. 

We absolutely love it and wouldn’t change it for the world!


John Polston – Cleanhome Wokingham 

What made you choose Cleanhome over other franchise opportunities?

The business prospectus was very informative and the numbers looked good.  I didn’t want to participate in cleaning myself and I recognised that the business is a management and introductory model, which was perfect.  I had a good feeling about the company before I even made contact.

My confidence grew after the initial conversation with Karen, it was honest, open and gave me all the detail I needed to make an informed decision.

How did you find the setting up process?

The setup process was very straightforward.  I found the training very informative and engaging, it was really useful to get fully immersed in how the business would take shape from day one.

What do you enjoy most about running your own business?

I love being my own boss and working hard to grow my own business, I have also enjoyed the flexibility around my working hours, which is resulting in a positive impact on my personal life.


Rob Chisholm – Cleanhome South Oxfordshire

What made you choose Cleanhome over other franchise opportunities?

I looked at all the different options available but I kept coming back to Cleanhome.  I liked the way the business was set up and meeting up with the management team gave me an insight into the network. The software and their passion for the business is what sold it to me.

How did you find the setting up process?

The training was fantastic and really detailed, giving new business partners all the tools and the advice they need to set up their business. Guidance is also available throughout the process and the team is always at hand to answer any questions.

What do you enjoy most about running your own business?

I love the flexibility it offers me as I can run it from anywhere with Internet access and choose my working hours.


Philip & Sharon Bradley – Cleanhome York

What made you choose Cleanhome over other franchise opportunities?

After going through several franchise opportunities we chose Cleanhome for its robust business model, the ongoing training and support by the franchisor and its custom-built operational system GENESYS™, which is exclusive to Cleanhome and handles all the operational as well as back-end administration of the business freeing up valuable time and letting you focus on growth.

How did you find the setting up process?

The great thing about the Cleanhome business model is that once you have completed the training and have set up GENESYS™, you’re able to hit the ground running.

What do you enjoy most about running your own business?

I would say it’s being able to reap the rewards of our hard work. We put in a lot of hours getting the business off the ground to begin with and we are now enjoying our success while maintaining a happy client base.

If you’d like to find out more about how to join our team of franchise business partners then we’d love to hear from you. 



Here at Cleanhome we understand that business partners (franchisees) become successful with hard work, determination and by being excellent communicators.  However they also require excellent training and support to enable them to launch and grow their business successfully.

To that end, Cleanhome provides a thorough training programme alongside all the required marketing materials and ancillary services to every business partner regardless of their background.  Our training prepares each partner for the realities of running their own business, allowing them to thrive.

Prior to the launch of our partners new company, we are sometimes asked “can your training really teach me how to run my own business?”  The answer to the question is, yes it can, and here’s why: –

  • Cleanhome’s award winning training programme is recognised for its inspirational and unique approach.
  • The robust training builds our partner’s sales and recruitment knowledge base and will teach each partner how to run a successful business. It will give them the confidence to sign up clients and cleaners from day one.
  • Cleanhome provides each partner with a tried and tested business model of proven success, to help them develop their business to suit their specific needs and circumstances.
  • It doesn’t end there. Our highly experienced management team empower our business partners to be the best they can be through ongoing training and support.

Many of our franchisees have never run a business before, and so we believe it’s important that they understand the ‘back end’ of the business, including all the necessary legal and finance obligations, enabling them to feel confident in their dealings with both clients and cleaners.

We also offer participative development programmes including role-playing exercises which help partners with their confidence, and there’s an opportunity to shadow an experienced partner so that they can see first-hand how to deal with existing and potential clients.

In addition to the training package, we also believe in the importance of offering our business partners continuous support whilst growing their business.  All they need to do is pick up the phone.

Cleanhome is proud of the training and support we offer, because it is recognised as one of the best course packages within the franchise market.

We thought it might be worthwhile sharing some feedback on the training from a selection of some of our recent partners:

“Really enjoyed my 2 days training, so informative.  Lots to learn, but loving it.  Thanks Karen top draw!” John Polston, Cleanhome Wokingham

“Karen is fantastic at training and building confidence.  I had a very informative and fulfilling 2 days.” Christina Smith, Cleanhome Ashford

“I feel much more confident in the running of Cleanhome Weybridge. Karen has covered all my concerns on how to handle situations. I thoroughly enjoyed the course. Karen was brilliant!!” Julia Harrold, Cleanhome Weybridge

“Excellent delivery and explanation of the entire process as a new franchisee. Great.” Neil Cartwright, Cleanhome Stockport

“ The course was well paced and presented.  It was interactive with questions raised and answered throughout.”  Catherine Johnson, Cleanhome Haywards Heath

“I enjoyed the course and feel that I am now equipped to go out and start running the business.”  Mark Underhill, Cleanhome Sutton Coldfield

We look forward to running our next training sessions very soon!

Wokingham joins Cleanhome’s growing network of business partners


Cleanhome is excited to announce that John Polston (Cleanhome Wokingham) is the latest business partner to join its rapidly growing network of franchisees.

John joins from a footballing background, having enjoyed a career as a professional footballer for over 17 years.  John retired from the game at the age of 33 and has continued working in footballing circles ever since.

Always on the lookout for something new and long term, 6 months ago John started to search for a franchise business opportunity.  John explained, “I wanted to start a business in my area of expertise however, I quickly realised that the football market sector in and around Wokingham was saturated with a plethora of related businesses, so it was back to the drawing board.”

John previously owned a commercial cleaning company, and based on his cleaning business knowledge, his next step was to review cleaning franchise opportunities.  He contacted a number of different cleaning franchises, and spoke to a number of people prior to making the decision to start a Cleanhome business.

When asked why he chose Cleanhome John stated “The business prospectus was very informative and the numbers looked good.  I didn’t want to participate in cleaning myself and I recognised that the business is a management and introductory model, which was perfect.  I had a good feeling about the company before I even made contact.”  John added, “My confidence grew after the initial conversation with Karen, it was honest, open and gave me all the detail I needed to make an informed decision.”

The next step for John was to speak to other business partners.  John clarified, “Immediately after speaking to each partner I thought, I’m going to go for this” John added “I felt certain that the numbers were going to work, and my goal is to earn a reasonable living whilst enjoying my job.”

Karen Kelly, founder of Cleanhome said “it was obvious from the moment I started talking to John that he is a people person, he is a very positive and charismatic character, and I am delighted that he decided to join the Cleanhome team.”  Karen concluded “John will be a fantastic addition to our network, and I know he will be hugely successful with building his new business.”

Cleaning up St Albans, from £0 – £73,000 in only 12 months!


Husband and wife team Adam and Andrea own the Cleanhome business in St Albans.  They have been extremely successful within their 1st year of trading, reaching a whopping £73,000 turnover – of which over £65,000 is pure profit

Starting the business in October 2020 during the pandemic, Adam and Andrea have worked hard and their business has gone from strength to strength.

Adam spent 35 years of his career in sales management and explained, “I have always been employed in the corporate world, and I often felt frustrated by organisational hierarchy, at times being managed by people less skilled than myself, I quite often thought about running my own business.”

Andrea also has a corporate background, but decided to go it alone and has been self-employed for over 19 years.  Andrea comments “We both felt our work/life balance was poor we wanted to address this by finding something we could do together, enjoy together and reap the rewards together.”

The couple explained it was a scary decision for them both to be self-employed but they were determined to be successful, and the business has grown quicker than even they anticipated.  They have worked hard but they knew that putting the effort in at the beginning of their journey would allow them to reap the rewards later on.

Adam remarks “The change to our life has been massively positive.  I’m now my own boss and I don’t answer to anyone, I enjoy being the ultimate decision maker in my own life.”  Andrea added “I can’t stress how absolutely brilliant the decision to sign with Cleanhome was.”

Karen Kelly, founder of Cleanhome summarised by saying, “I am over the moon for Cleanhome St Albans.  From the moment I met them I knew they’d be successful, it was the quickest business set-up I’ve completed, and that’s because both Adam and Andrea couldn’t wait to get started.”  Karen added “I’m very proud of their achievement to date, and can’t wait to see where they eventually take the business – the sky’s their limit.”

Cleanhome announces new franchise for Stockport


Cleanhome, one of the leading domestic cleaning business franchises in the UK has recently welcomed Neil Cartwright to join its rapidly expanding franchise network.

Neil, from Cleanhome Stockport, spent time researching a number of franchise organisations, in many different sectors, before finally narrowing down his search to the domestic cleaning management market.  Following a number of meetings with different companies, and considering all options, he made the decision to move forward with Cleanhome.

Neil explains, “Cleanhome ticked all the boxes for me, the work-life balance, the hugely attractive earning potential and the excellent management system caught my interest.”  Neil added, “I made the final decision to go ahead based on the discussions held with Karen (founder of Cleanhome) together with a number of Cleanhome Business Partners.  I’m confident in my choice of franchise, and I’m excited to get started.”

Having worked for over 38 years in International Sales within the fast-paced cleaning and hygiene industry, Neil was looking for a change in direction. He felt it was the right time in his career to start his own business, travel less, achieve a better work/life balance and continue to generate a strong annual income.

Karen Kelly, founder of Cleanhome summarised by saying, “I am excited to announce the opening of Cleanhome Stockport.  With over 38 years of sales experience I know that Neil will be hugely successful in managing domestic cleaning for homeowners in the Stockport area.”  Karen added “Congratulations Neil, we are delighted that you’re joining the franchise network and welcome to the team!”

A Strong Push


Having a strong and efficient marketing strategy when you first launch your business is an essential part of your success. Regardless of your previous business experience, your franchisor should be working with you on your marketing strategy and ensure that you are able to access marketing tools and insight as part of your initial investment.

The benefit of becoming a franchisee is being able to use an established brand and this includes marketing tools which the franchisor will make readily available to you from the very beginning. For example, as part of our package we offer new franchisees a Royal Mail leaflet delivery drop worth £3,000 which will help them get their business in front of their target audience. This sets them on their journey to start growing their business in their local area.

The most successful franchisors assign the appropriate resources to support the marketing strategies of franchisees to help them get an income rolling in and see a return on their investment as soon as possible. The amount and type of support will vary from franchisor to franchisor, however the franchise you choose should know what sort of marketing works best and help you prepare a marketing plan to promote your business.

This could include a range of channels such as Google Adwords, social media guidance and direct mail resources. They should have already done the legwork and have a clear idea of what will yield results and guide you through the different options.

Planning and working with your franchisor on your marketing strategy can be an enjoyable process, so when researching for the ideal franchisor make sure you choose one who recognises the value of marketing.

Rome wasn’t built in a day and crafting a killer marketing plan takes time and effort, however if your franchisor is on your side it can make a world of difference!