Cleanhome franchisees can earn £80k annual profit within 2 years!


In our article below you can find out what training and support you can expect from Cleanhome in order to be successful in growing your business.

Also, watch our video interviewing Adam and Andrea, the team who earned an £80k annual profit within 2 years.

Information on Cleanhome’s training and on-going support programme

Many of our business partners have never run a business before so we believe it’s important that they fully understand the entire business model prior to their first day of trading.

Our award-winning training builds sales and recruitment knowledge and teaches our new business partners how to run a successful company.  It offers participative development programmes including role-playing exercises which provide business partners with confidence to sign up clients and cleaners from day one.

In addition, our highly experienced management team offer our business partners continuous training and support whilst growing their business.

Karen Kelly founder of Cleanhome shares her thoughts on Cleanhome’s training days: –

“We run our training days twice a year.  Our business partners travel down to join a one-day meeting.  It is a chance for our partners to listen to anything that may have changed in the industry, to review best practices and to hear about any technology advancements.

It is also a fantastic opportunity for each business owner to come together and share ideas, seeing that they are part of a much bigger network and understanding that there is a wealth of experience and knowledge within the Cleanhome network.”

Introducing the record-breaking Adam and Andrea of Cleanhome, St Albans.  They have proven that anything is possible with hard work and determination.

Adam and Andrea from Cleanhome St Albans joined the team in 2020 during the COVID pandemic, and yet through their tenacity they have earned their place as Cleanhome’s fastest growing business partner to date.

We caught up with Adam and Andrea during the most recent training day, where they were awarded with no less than 3 awards: the 200 club and 300 club award (indicating how many clients they have onboard) and the fastest growing franchise award in recognition of their phenomenal growth achievement.

Watch and listen to Adam and Andrea talk about their Cleanhome journey by clicking here