Make Start Up Life a Breeze


Starting your own business could be one of the best decisions you will ever make. In the long term it can allow you to have a better work/life balance, especially if you have decided to become part of a franchise network which will offer you a tried and tested business model and the ability to decide your own working hours.

However, one of the things that we always prepare our franchisees for is that in the first year, the business will require investment both in time and energy. In order to be successful and be able to create the foundations for a better work/life balance you need to make the business a priority.

The working day won’t necessarily finish at 5.30pm or on Friday evening ready for a start on Monday morning but it will all be worth it. Here are some simple steps you can follow during this period in order to make your life easier.

Establish a healthy work environment

Your work environment matters, especially if you’re working from home which can have an impact on your productivity and overall health. Make sure that you have a dedicated space for your home office and clear it off any unnecessary clutter. Ensure that the room is well lit, your work station is comfortable and practical and the room is ventilated. This may sound obvious but getting the basics right will help you concentrate on running the business instead of worrying about the heating!

Build great work processes

The way you deal with workflow and problems as they come up will fully depend on the processes you put in place for the business. Find out what works best for you in order to create order from chaos and stick to it. This could include anything from organising your emails into differently labelled folders to creating a ‘to-do’ list first thing in the morning. These defined, structured processes will help you focus on your goals and will help you not lose direction.

Schedule some down time

In the first year, you will have to give it your all and your working hours may be longer but you also need to ensure you take some time off. As they say, the candle that burns twice as bright lasts half as long so not scheduling some breaks into your day to day routine will have a positive impact on your health. Make sure you get enough rest, eat healthily and get physical movement and exercise.

Keep in touch

Social contact with supportive people will help you keep when things get tough. Friends, family or networking contacts who believe in you will encourage you to stay excited about your ideas and will remind you that your business is something you enjoy.