Karen Kelly Founder of Cleanhome UK, Bringing Lucrative and Proven Business Model to Local Communities


Karen KellyThis Spring we caught up with Cleanhome founder Karen Kelly to find out what motivated her to launch the first Cleanhome business, and how she has been onboarding franchisee business partners over the last 12 years.

Following the success of the first Cleanhome business within 2 years!  Karen was extremely keen to bring this lucrative business opportunity to entrepreneurs looking to start their own companies in every corner of the UK.

In our video Karen talks about a number of topics including:

  • The support from the franchisee network.
  • The sense of achievement for all franchisee business partners.
  • The feedback from each franchisee that their work life balance has greatly

However, Karen also wanted to talk about the finances and phenomenal growth that can be achieved.

Karen explains, “The first thing that prospective franchisees need to consider in any business opportunity is the full potential of the business and the profitability of the business model.”

Karen, (as the very first franchisee) reached a turnover of £72k in only two years.  She started the first Cleanhome business in 2010 in the middle of the credit crunch recession, and therefore built her company to £72k during an economic turndown, incredible!

Many other franchisees have seen similar growth since then, including: Cleanhome St Albans, Cleanhome East Cambridge and Cleanhome York.

Karen comments “But no-one smashed my growth record until Adam and Andrea started their Cleanhome business in St Albans in 2020.  They started mid-September just before the second Covid lockdown, and they also worked through the 3rd lockdown which lasted 3 months. Their hard work paid off, and they built to a turnover of over £80k in just ONE year!!!”

Karen adds “This is a phenomenal result given the Covid circumstances in their first year of trading, and shows what hard work can achieve.  It also proves the resilience of the business model even in the most challenging of times, if the franchisee is willing to put in the time and the effort during the build period then this growth is completely realistic.”

The business model is built to ensure that the running costs are low (approximately £9k in the first year and £16k in subsequent years) meaning that: at the earning level Karen, St Albans and many other franchisees have achieved – this is an impressive 80-90% profit margin.

“Starting a business can be daunting” Karen adds “but all the necessary tools, training and support that Cleanhome offers can ensure success for any new franchisee – and then business becomes fun!”

If you would like to watch Karen’s full interview, please click here.

And for more information about starting your own Cleanhome franchise business, please contact Karen @ 07791 044434


Cleaning up St Albans, from £0 – £73,000 in only 12 months!


Husband and wife team Adam and Andrea own the Cleanhome business in St Albans.  They have been extremely successful within their 1st year of trading, reaching a whopping £73,000 turnover – of which over £65,000 is pure profit

Starting the business in October 2020 during the pandemic, Adam and Andrea have worked hard and their business has gone from strength to strength.

Adam spent 35 years of his career in sales management and explained, “I have always been employed in the corporate world, and I often felt frustrated by organisational hierarchy, at times being managed by people less skilled than myself, I quite often thought about running my own business.”

Andrea also has a corporate background, but decided to go it alone and has been self-employed for over 19 years.  Andrea comments “We both felt our work/life balance was poor we wanted to address this by finding something we could do together, enjoy together and reap the rewards together.”

The couple explained it was a scary decision for them both to be self-employed but they were determined to be successful, and the business has grown quicker than even they anticipated.  They have worked hard but they knew that putting the effort in at the beginning of their journey would allow them to reap the rewards later on.

Adam remarks “The change to our life has been massively positive.  I’m now my own boss and I don’t answer to anyone, I enjoy being the ultimate decision maker in my own life.”  Andrea added “I can’t stress how absolutely brilliant the decision to sign with Cleanhome was.”

Karen Kelly, founder of Cleanhome summarised by saying, “I am over the moon for Cleanhome St Albans.  From the moment I met them I knew they’d be successful, it was the quickest business set-up I’ve completed, and that’s because both Adam and Andrea couldn’t wait to get started.”  Karen added “I’m very proud of their achievement to date, and can’t wait to see where they eventually take the business – the sky’s their limit.”