Don’t let the sunny weather get the best of you


Spring is finally here and as winter seems to have lasted forever this year you may be breathing a sigh of relief, while sunshine is a welcome change from snow, the good weather may have a negative impact on your productivity.

A vision of sunny skies outside your window brings to mind everything you could be doing outside instead of getting down to work. So if you’re having trouble focusing on your to-do list, here are some tips on increasing your concentration and getting the things off your list done faster in order to enjoy more free time, which is, after all, one of the reasons you started your own business in the first place!

Stop daydreaming about sunny beaches

It’s not just the weather that affects you. Even just thinking about nice weather can bring your productivity down. Studies show that evocative images of far flung destinations can reduce your focus so make sure you steer clear of anything that can make you think of picture perfect holiday spots. Get rid of your beach screen saver and stop looking for deals for your next holiday while taking a break from work.

Plan your working days around the weather forecast 

Take a look at the weather forecast for the week and if possible plan your workload around it. Given that you’ll probably be more productive, rainy days can be a great opportunity to log a few more minutes at work so take advantage of it. If you knuckle down on cold, wet, rainy days, you’re much more likely to have free rein to pop out early when that sunny afternoon calls you to take some time off!

Give yourself some encouragement 

Encourage yourself along the way. Use positive self-talk to help you recognise your achievements. Positive self-talk is helpful when it’s simple and direct, such as ‘I can do this.’

Tune it out 

One of the best ways to tune everything out is to listen to music. When the weather outside is distracting you, put your headphones on and find something that can serve as background music rather than music that energises you. Music can help you concentrate, and the headphones signal to others that you’re not available to chat.

The early bird catches the worm

The sun rises earlier so make the most of it. Start your workday an hour earlier and use this hour to organise the day ahead and complete any admin tasks you’ve been putting off. Similarly, skip the long lunches and instead give yourself a short break to take a walk or clear your head, with something light and nutritious to boost your energy. This means your working day will finish earlier and you can make the most of the early evening sun!


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